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contact_specimentagsJohn Deamond, labeling himself an “autotype artist,” deconstructs photography to investigate the meeting of the human and natural world. He links this border to the borders of what is photographic, breaking the medium into its constituent parts (direct capture, reproducibility, use of light, etc.). In this way, John simultaneously gains insight into how we can redefine the place of photography and our place in nature in the twenty-first century. John publishes his work under a Creative Commons copyright, embracing the open-source ethos of the internet. Educated at Parsons School of Design and St. Mary’s College of Maryland, he currently works in an instructional support role at Montgomery College in Maryland. John’s work has been shown in galleries and museums in New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Baltimore, D.C., California, Colorado, Las Vegas, and Toronto. He is a winner of the 2013 New York Photo Awards.

Please contact me at john@jdeamond.com.

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